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Random Stuff

Random stuff that hasn’t made it into a blog so it get’ its own blog

1.       Some of the toilet seats in the public restrooms are heated. It gives new meaning to the term ‘hot seat.’

2.       There are few trash cans around, especially in the subway, because they were used in the sarin gas bombings back in 1995.

3.       The mirror in our bathroom has some kind of heating element in it that keeps part of it from fogging up when we shower. I think it has to do with the water pipes. If you feel the glass after a shower the fog free part is warm while the rest of the mirror is cool. Before a shower the whole mirror feels cool.

4.       Almost all restaurants provide a hot cloth or wet wipe to cleanse your hands and face, just after being seated. Sometimes this is the only napkin you get for the meal. Every time I’m handed a cloth I think, “Hot towel? Hot towel?” from the airplane scene in The Wedding Singer.

5.       I’m not the most talented person when it comes to using chopsticks but I’m better than Chad!

6.       You cannot use the hot springs or go to certain water parks if you have visible tattoos. I don’t know why this is or if it applies to public bath houses as well.

7.       Cold hard cash (or yen as the case may be) is still the most accepted way of paying for goods or services here. Some places take credit cards but not many. This is fine with me as we’re trying to eliminate all our credit cards and use cash or our debit cards only.

8.       As hard as it is to believe, Twilight is almost unknown here. The movie doesn’t even get released until April 4th.

9.       The apples in the markets are HUGE!

10.   Some of the American stores/restaurants I’ve seen here include Denny’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, 7-11, ampm, Starbucks, and the Gap.

11.   Our hotel give out green drink tickets that can be used at the bar for drinks. Coke is one ticket; mixed drinks are between 2 and 4 tickets. People staying at the sister hotel and at the tower apartments across the street get tickets for our bar as well so this is the place to be. Every night between 5 and 9 pm you can walk into the lobby and hear all the loud Americans hanging out, drinking, and sometimes playing dice. We get 20 tickets every 5 days or so. Since Chad is working second shift, and the bar is closed when he gets home he has a stash of 230 tickets. The tickets can be used to purchase bottles of liquor so he usually buys a bottle and keeps it in the room to make his own drinks.

12.   The area around our hotel is known as ‘The Haunch’. It’s not the most desirable area of the city. There are several American bars around the hotel and every night you can find teams of Navy personnel on shore patrol, making sure the sailors don’t get into too much trouble.

13.   I miss my Hans more than I can possibly express. I don’t mention him much because it makes me miss him even more.



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